How To Install Presets in Lightroom Mobile Free Version 2022

A mobile phone camera is getting better day by day with the advanced technology which helps to capture professional quality photos. Editing photos has become an integral part of this content-rich world. And editing presets are very helpful in this process because they help speed up the editing process. These presets contains pre-made adjustments to apply to your photos. So in this guide, we will learn how to install presets in lightroom mobile step by step.

What are the presets? – A presets are nothing but the pre-made editing adjustments to edit photos. It’s a control of brightness, clarity, exposure, contrast, etc. Using the sliders you can convert green to bluish, add vignettes, and cut out the shadows. You can create your own presets or you can buy them too. These preset help in creative effects. Using presets helps you to save time in editing.

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How to install presets in Lightroom Mobile

There are two methods by which you can install the presets in lightroom on your mobile device. Method 1 is the easiest and fastest way and it is highly recommended. For this method, you need to install the lightroom desktop. And using Method 2 you can install without a desktop.

Method 1

First, install the Lightroom CC application on your desktop. Import all the presets in the lightroom desktop. Simply unzip the folder (.zip) of presets you downloaded. You can do this –

  • On a PC, right-click on the (.zip) folder and select “Extract All” from the options menu.
  • On a Mac, double-click the downloaded file and it will extract the all files.
How to unzip the zipped files

After Installing, all presets will get synced to your mobile device via cloud storage. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription then it will automatically get synced. If you don’t have a subscription plan then you can use other cloud options. For that, you need to save presets to the cloud option you choose so they can be accessed on your mobile phone. You need to have a similar cloud storage app and allow access to those files on your phone. You can use this step-by-step guide for adobe creative cloud.

Method 2

Using this method you can install presets without a Lightroom desktop.

Steps To Install Presets in Lightroom Mobile Without Desktop

Step 1 – Unzip the downloaded preset files and save them on your mobile device

You can use any app like the WinZip app or Files By Google to extract the zipped files. Once you unzip the files you will see three different types of files. For Lightroom mobile app we only need DNG files. You can ignore the XMP and Irtemplate files.

DNG files location
DNG files for lightroom mobile

Step 2 – Install and Open the Lightroom Mobile app

You should have the Lightroom Mod APK installed on your mobile device before adding the DNG/Presets files. If you don’t have this app downloaded then you can download it from – For

Step 3 – Import the DNG/Presets Files to Lightroom Mobile

Open the lightroom mobile app and click on Add Photos. Select the DNG file you wish to import from the location where you saved those files.

  • If you are an iOS user then choose from “Camera Roll” and proceed.
  • If you are an android user then choose from “Gallary/Folder
  • If you have saved the DNG files on cloud storage then choose “From Files” for iOS users and for Android users choose it from the specific cloud storage (like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)
Add photos in lightroom android
Add photos in lightroom iOS

Note – As Presets files are DNS files. Initially, when you open the file, you will see the error that says “Cannot Load File”. Click on continue and follow the steps until files get imported.

Step 4 – Create Presets from DNG Files

  • Open the imported file and click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Now from the menu click on “Create Presets”.
  • Give a name to your presets (As per your choice).
  • Add your preset to the presets group of your choice. By default, the user preset group is selected. You can create a new preset group too.
  • To save your preset, tap on the (right-tick) icon at the top of the screen. That’s how to install Presets in Lightroom Mobile.
Select the preset option
Tap Create preset
save new preset

How to apply new presets to your photo?

Follow these steps to apply the newly created presets to your photo

  • Open the photo you want to edit and apply the presets. Tap on the presets at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Yours” and from it select the preset group where you saved your newly created preset
  • Select the preset and click on the (right-tick) icon to apply the preset.
  • If you are happy with the edited image then tap the “export” button and save the files to the desired location.
Click on Preset option
Select preset group
Select and apply preset

Final verdict

If you are not good at editing then editing presets can be the solution for you. But importing the presets can be confusing for someone who is a new user of Lightroom mobile. With the help of this guide, anyone can learn How To Install Presets In Lightroom Mobile easily. Whether you are an android user or an iOS user, both can use this installation guide.

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